How to make your child mastering the scissor skill?  


One of the fine motors skills is cutting skills and how to bring it to success. 
Below is the cutting skill development at different stages of kids. 

1.Hold scissors 

At ages 1+ years old , a child can starts learn hold the scissors. Most of the time , they will just open & closes scissor. 

2. Open /closes scissor

At ages 2+ years old ,  after a child mastering open & close scissor. Then, they can practice with play dough or tearing paper.

3. Paper cutting & moving forward paper cutting 
At ages 2 to 3 years old ,parent can help to hold the paper for kid to cutting. once , child doing great in cutting , parents can slowing move forward the paper and let the child do the cutting. 
4.Uses helping hand
At ages 3+ years old , child can begins to use their "helping hand" to hold the paper straight up and do the cutting. Remember to encourage the thumb up position. 

5.Cutting straight line 

At ages 3+ years old , child can start cutting straight lines but their accuracy still not accurate at this point.

6.Cutting curve line, cutting circle & squares

At ages 4+ years old ,child can start from cutting curve line , then after mastering curve line cutting, they can start cutting square ,circles.

7.Cutting complex shapes

At ages 5 to 6 years old ,child can start to cutting and mastering complex shapes. 

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        Note* children may master them earlier, others later. I just sharing the recommended ages so you can see which skills are age appropriate, not that each skill should be mastered by these ages.